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Power Hour

Picture the scene.

You’re running your business social media channels. You’re managing to find time to write content and schedule posts. But you can’t help but think there’s more to it.

Perhaps you’re not seeing high levels of engagement? Perhaps you’re not connecting with the right audience?

You know you don’t need to outsource the management of your social media, but wouldn’t it be useful to pick someone’s brains for an hour, and come out feeling inspired and energised?

Well guess what, you can book a Power Hour with me and get just that!

For just £99 + VAT I will spend an hour with you on Zoom discussing your social media queries. It can be about anything at all, as long as it leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to inject some energy back into your social media.

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Nurture Package

You know you don’t need someone to manage your social media programme full-time, but wouldn’t it be useful to have someone to discuss strategy with? To have a content planning session with? To ask that question you feel silly about?

A Nurture package could be perfect for you.

By purchasing a Nurture package for £249 (+VAT), you will receive 3 hours support in the form of 1 Power Hour and 4 x 30 minute support calls to be used over a two month period.

Together we can help shape your social media activity and drive it forward to ensure it’s working as hard for your business as you do.


Bespoke Packages

If you feel you need more support than what’s offered as part of a Power Hour or Nuture Package, we can create a bespoke package based on your social media goals.

Similarly if you have a storming social media programme but don’t have the time to manage it yourself, we offer full SMM packages tailored to your requirements. 

Prices start from £500 (+VAT) per month


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